Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil Premium Funding

The pupil premium is an amount of extra resources the government provide to support children from less privileged backgrounds. We have a relatively small amount of Pupil Premium funding at Samlesbury.

Pupil Premium 2013/2014: £4996

Pupil Premium 2014/2015: £5200

Pupil Premium 2015/2016: £7920

Further information about Pupil Premium:


Previous Year’s Spending (2015/2016 – April 2016)

Last year we used the Pupil Premium to support individual children in a range of different ways. We used the money to support a child to engage in extended learning opportunities after school; we set up a special trip out of school for an individual child alongside some friends and we also used the money to provide additional support for children in school (in the form of one-to-one support and small group support by teaching assistants).


  • Children have been more settled in school
  • Children have been given the opportunity to experience more extended learning opportunities in a range of activities
  • All children who have been allocated pupil premium funding have made at least expected progress
  • Many more individual successes for individual children

This Year’s Spending (April 2016 forward)

Due to the difference that this funding has made in the past, we will continue to focus on many of the same areas. The funding will be used to:

  • Pay for extended learning opportunities for individual children
  • Pay for personalised special activities for example trips out of school
  • Pay for additional support in school in the form of one to one support/ small group support/ emotional support.

In addition to this, we intend to:

  • Establish nurture / support groups to support an develop confidence in children

The impact of the Pupil Premium Grant will be monitored throughout the year, reported to the Standards and Effectiveness Governor Committee as well as the Chair of Governors/ Full Governing Body.