Breakfast and After-School Club

We have a breakfast club starting at 7:45am and after-school which finishes at 5:45pm. Below are the details of our provision.


Our breakfast club operates from 7:45am every school day. Children are provided with breakfast and there are a range of activities before the school day begins. The club operates from the school hall and can be used on an ad hoc basis at present. Current of a session is £3 (Spring 2015).

For more information, please contact: Sandra Hill (School Bursar) on 01772 877200 or


Our after-school club operates in our school building. Children have a smooth transition at the end of the school day to the club. The club operates until 5:45pm every school day. Our after-school club is run by the Out of School Experience. For more information, please visit the website: Current cost of a session is £7.50 (Spring 2015).